Along our journey we've made connections with several different teams from over the globe, who we're proud to call our friends. We can wholeheartedly recommend all of these companies/brands and have experienced nothing but great service and great products. Whether you're looking for a reliable place to develop your film, or need some new biodegradable packaging, these guys have you covered.

Some of our friends offer our customers a discounted rate for using their service. If you're a customer of ours and don't have the discount code, just drop us a message with your order info and we'll happily grab it for you.


UK Based Film labs

Photographique Logo


Photographique is a film lab with an experienced and professional team based in Bristol, UK. Photographique takes extra care with your film and images and strive to help you achieve the ultimate results using the latest technology. They work with individual professional photographers and keen young people just dabbling with film all the way to large commercial enterprises requiring stunning prints.

All of our customers can get 10% discount off Photographique's services! Contact us for the code!

Instagram: @photographiqueUK
Contact: +(44) 0117 908 3512 | 53 NORTH STREET,  BRISTOL,  BS3 1EN,  UK
Open Wed-Sat 10am-4pm

Take It Easy Lab

Take It Easy

Take It Easy is lab based in Leeds - it's a passion project of two cousins and photographers [Liam & Joe] who know what it means to have a place you can trust when passing over your film. Take It Easy doesn’t want to just provide a service that ends with you getting your photos back. They're aim is to create a space where amateur, pro and anything in between can come together, learn and share experiences through exhibitions, events and resources.

All of our customers can get 10% discount off Take It Easy's services! Contact us for the code!

Instagram: @takeiteasylab
Open Wed & Thurs 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am-2pm


Bio-degradable Packaging

Better Packaging Co.

Better Packaging Co.

The Better Packaging Co manufacture packaging that is so environmentally friendly, it's biodegradable! We send some soft items in their mailing bags [don't worry we won't ship your camera in a mailing bag!] and we absolutely love them! They're not only well designed, the mailing bags we use are compostable! Whilst we're always advocating to recycle and re-use, sometimes it doesn't happen in this world. Using the Better Packaging Co products, we know that even if it it didn't end up in the right place, it wouldn't take long for it to become plant or bug food.

All of our visitors & customers can get 5% discount off their first order with the Better Packaging Co! 


Instagram: @betterpackagingco
Contact: (+44) 20 3519 6711 /