Here's a collection of free operating manuals & instructions for Canon film cameras. The free manuals are for the A series, EOS series, the Sure Shot series, point & shoots, flashes and more! All of these are external links to free manuals for popular Canon models. The content below is all copyright to their respective owners, we're just supplying links for our customers to enjoy their content.

Free Canon SLR Camera Manuals

Canon A-1
Canon EOS 300
Canon AV-1
Canon AE-1 Canon FTb
Canon AE-1 Program
Canon T50
Canon EF Canon T60

Free Canon Compact Camera Manuals

Canon Canonet Canon A35 F
Canon Canonet 28 Canon AF35M
Canon Canonet QL 17
Canon AF35M II
Canon AF-7 Canon AF35ML
Canon AS-1
Canon Sure Shot Supreme
Canon AS-6
Canon Sure Shot Ace
Canon Demi
Canon Sure Shot Tele Max

Free Canon Flash & Accessory Manuals

Canon Speedlite 133A Canon Speedlite 380EX
Canon Speedlite 244T
Canon Speedlite 580EX

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